Mr. Abbas Husain, Director of Teacher’s Development Centre (Pakistan), recommends Learning Time products!

Abbas Husain recommends Learning Time programMr. Abbas Husain, a name known nationally and internationally, is the director of a team of master trainers who work together to uplift the level of education in Pakistan. Under the leadership of Mr. Husain, Teacher’s Development Centre has trained more than 42,000 people to become professional teachers during the last 18 years!

We recently requested Mr. Husain to review Learning Time A+ Program and provide his valuable comments. And we were absolutely thrilled to see a full-page of praise for the program. Here’s a summary:

Time To Learn caters to ‘learning to learn’ brilliantly. It is a sad omission in our education system that we are too busy in teaching language, maths and science and spending little time on how to learn. This set offers a large array of ideas, strategies, techniques and tools to help the child to not just fill the mind with disjointed facts, but to organize the knowing.

As children get more and more adept with smartphones, and screen knowledge there is a great need for learning to expand to include all the four skills Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Discover English With Ben & Bella goes a step further and includes music and movement in the CDs so that the child enjoys the language by song & dance. With colorful characters and lavishly illustrated books, this set is an excellent introduction to English for the Pakistani child.

The secret of learning Mathematics is to give the child a concrete experience of an abstract concept. Time for Math offers the child an excellent way to see, feel, touch, and enjoy the learning of math concepts with colour and delight.

We are too busy preparing our children to learn how to earn a living. But we must also teach them how live a life. And to do that we must be connected with values, with beauty, with nobility in thought, word and deed. Learning Values With Lucy & Wiz offers a set of stories, parables, and anecdotes, carefully illustrated to excite the child’s moral imagination. These materials allow the child to reflect not only on doing well but doing well worthily.

The program includes a tablet, CDs and an Eltee Pen which offers “talking explanations”, additional to the printed ones in the books, for children and parents to extend their knowledge.

Learning Time will be launching its business in Pakistan this week. Stay tuned for more information about the distributor, location and opportunities.


2 Responses to “Mr. Abbas Husain, Director of Teacher’s Development Centre (Pakistan), recommends Learning Time products!”

  1. Waseem Alam Qureshi

    A great endorsement!
    Very close to what Learning Time believes in, and endorses.


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